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NMP Launches 6.09 Plus Training Module Video Clip

The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP), the premier maritime training and research institute in the country has launched the 6.09 Plus (Value-adding the Training Course for Instructor, IMO Model Course 6.09) Video Clip during the Maritime Faculty Development Forum held on 21 February 2017 at Grand Men Seng Hotel, Magallanes Street, Davao City and 24 February 2017, at Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel, Cebu City.

The 6.09 Plus project is designed to enhance the capabilities and competencies of faculty in maritime training institutions through enhancing the training interventions for them. Its key components are the conduct of the training needs analysis (TNA), the development of the training module manual based on the results of the TNA, the production of the training module into a video clip, its publication and posting online and the conduct of monitoring and evaluation to determine the effectiveness of training interventions.

The project picks out specific subject matter areas of the IMO MC 6.09 as ‘pieces of the course’ as well as topics not highlighted in the course, which instructors have identified for reinforcement lessons. These were translated into ‘bite size’ training video clips and published online as an open educational resource that can be viewed and downloaded by maritime instructors through the internet.

The online training video clips make training interventions accessible without necessarily enrolling in the 6.09 course from any maritime training provider. Instructors can learn at their own pace without time restrictions within the comfort of their places or even while on board ships. They can view and download fundamental topics in the lessons in specific areas where they need to improve on.

This initiative is NMP’s response to the issues identified by the instructors that hinder their training and professional development, as a result of the TNA. The foremost problems are the cost of training, schedule of training in conflict with workload and other priorities and lack of management support.

This attempt considers the recommendation of the 2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW on the use of e-Learning in maritime education and training. It also highlights the NMP’s role as a key player in the country’s maritime manpower development efforts of producing quality seafarers and upholding their position as the ‘seafarers of choice’ in the international labor market.

The video clip can be viewed and downloaded free of charge from the NMP website (, NMP facebook page (\nmptrainingcenter) and at the Youtube Channel through the use of 6.09 Plus as search keyword.

Meanwhile, the maritime faculty forum was organized by the NMP and International Mariners Management Association of Japan - Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council, Inc. and was participated by maritime instructors from maritime higher education institutions in Mindanao and Visayas regions. Other stakeholders in attendance were officials from the Joint Manning Group, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK), Philippine Association of Maritime Instructors, Maritime Industry Authority and Commission on Higher Education.

Meanwhile, the NMP continues to offer Basic Courses, Deck Courses, Engine Courses, Specialized Courses and Professional Development Courses.

By: Ma. Jasmin J. Andrade
Date & Time Posted: 2017-02-28 16:56:18