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NMP, IMMAJ-PJMCC Study Pinpoints the Foremost Training Needs of MHEIs Faculty

Preliminary results of an ongoing research of the National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) and the International Mariners Management Association of Japan - Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council, Inc. (IMMAJ-PJMCC) entitled Skills Gap Analysis of Maritime Faculty in Philippine Maritime Higher Education Institutions, reveal the foremost training needs of maritime instructors in maritime higher education institutions (MHEIs) in the country.

The study intends to generate information on the training and development needs of maritime faculty of MHEIs as basis in the development of an Action Plan for a National Maritime Program for Faculty Development (NMP-FD). It is initiated in the light of the full implementation of the 2010 Amendments to the STCW Convention particularly in upgrading the teaching competencies of maritime faculty through the use of modern technology and web-based learning.

Skills gaps were identified from five (5) thematic areas namely, Use of Technology, Course Design & Development, Course Delivery, Assessment, and Participative Learning. On the Use of Technology, faculty members need enhancement on the Use of Simulators including Trouble-shooting, Computer Proficiency, and Technology-based Instructions consisting interactive computer-based teaching/assessment and online maritime applications that are relevant to teaching.

In terms of Course Design and Development, they need special attention on the alignment of program outcomes, course outcomes and intended learning outcomes, development of practical/laboratory/simulation exercises and consistency of lectures and laboratory exercises to courses specifications, preparation of the Instructor’s Guide (IG), updating of detailed teaching syllabus (DTS) and the development of scenario for simulation exercises.

As to Course Delivery, the areas needing improvement are on English Communication, Teaching Strategies, Outcome-based Education, Teaching Learning Activity, Lesson Planning and Test Construction/Item Analysis.

On the other hand, skills gaps that surfaced in the aspect of Assessment are on development of assessment tools and validation of assessment and laboratory exercises.

With respect to Participative Learning, instructors need interventions on Innovative Classroom Management, Motivational Skills, Innovative/Formative Assessment, Blended Learning and e-Learning, Participative Learning Methodologies, Cultural Sensitivity, English Communication and Teaching Methodologies applicable to Outcome-based Education.

Information were gathered from the conduct of the Maritime Faculty Development Forum held in Davao, Cebu and Manila on February 21, February 24 and March 1, 2017, respectively. It was participated in by two hundred ten (210) maritime instructors who came from sixty-one (61) MHEIs.

The forum employed workshop sessions that elicited the challenges, problems, issues and concerns currently faced by instructors related to maritime faculty development in consideration of the current approaches as specified by the 2010 Amendments to the STCW Convention.

The study is due for completion in June 2017 where findings will be disseminated to stakeholders through a forum after its presentation to the IMMAJ-PJMCC and the NMP Board of Trustees.

The NMP regularly conducts industry researches towards the realization of its second organizational outcome of improving the manp ower sector of the maritime industry through responsive researches.

Those interested on the NMP’s completed researches may visit the NMP website or email us at

By: Ma. Jasmin J. Andrade
Date & Time Posted: 2017-04-06 13:38:42